Tall tales in a short format.



Copyright 2016

SG Firefly Productions

Zeke is Always Late is a short puppet film I made for kids and adults alike--a cautionary tale about being late-- written, filmed and edited on a random Tuesday in 2015. Music by Skin.

Wager is a short film about a bet between three rich guys won and lost upon a technicality--produced for the NYC Midnight, 2014 - a 24 hour film race. I spearheaded the team for the film which I co-wrote, directed and shot, with Nuclear Picnic Inc.

Zeke is Always Late

Puppet Spies

Puppet Spies chronicles the adventures of puppet agents Zeke and Diorhunge as they try to trick each other into revealing the secret code. Created with Nuclear Picnic, Inc., March 2016.


Edits for a cause.


Showcase story & talent.


Vau de Vire Society's Bored Room

America SCORES ASCAP Worksop Sessions

America SCORES Coach Training Excerpt

A multi-camera video I put together for Vau de Vire Productions archives of live footage from Vau de Vire Society's original stage Show, "Bored Room", that I stage managed at the BlackBerry Developers Conference, San Francisco, 2009.

A memento video I made from some amateur footage for the kids in the ASCAP workshop with rapper Psalm One as part of America SCORES Bay Area After School Programming, Oakland, CA 2009, while I was the Education Program Director.

A creative collaboration for America SCORES Bay Area Coach Training video, San Francisco, CA 2006, while I was a writing coach.