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Firefly Productions hosts interactive art stations at festivals, art shows, parties and beyond to encourage creative participation and collaboration. Participants can join in to activities guided by professional artists or explore artistic mediums on their own. Many events include a full group collaborative project that all participants have the chance to work on for display online or in a group show.

PedalBump is a pedal powered bumper car derby installation. We encouraged participation for all ages and at every step of the way. We hosted more than 6000 riders, involved hundreds of volunteers and entertained countless rowdy heckling spectators with lights, music, announcing, crowd wrangling and of course bumper car derby races. 2013 - 2015 Burning Man, 2013 Brewery Art Walk  & L.A. Decompression. Co-Founder 2013 – 2015

Arranging interactive activities for smaller non-profit organizations often presents a challenge to get the most bang for a small budget. I sourced or created activities to engage youth and and involve staff, families and civic leaders in the process. Pictured above, students play a game to learn about energy with Bay Area favorite, The Sustainable Living Roadshow at our Annual SHOUT! event on the lawn of City Hall in San Francisco.

Arranging group exhibitions brings together the kaleidoscope that each artist has in their sphere of influence and collectively builds upon the artistic community that is vital to our world. Pictured above, VSA's: A Group Exhibition in January 2016 at Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles brought together 36 artists who all work at LA's newest Contemporary Art Museum, The Broad in downtown L.A.