What an honor to be involved in LAMAG's 2016 Open Call: Play!

My first re-commissioned PedalBump sculpture was pefect for this show where local artists interpreted the theme in myriad ways. The Nebula PedalBump was ridden, bumped and crashed by hundreds of laughing joyous people in bumper car derby races at Burning Man. Re-commissioned as a freestanding sculpture it now brings delight to all who pass by.

Stay tuned for more re-comissioned PedalBumps!


Past Shows and Performance Inform the Present

The Salty Sweet Circus:

DJ Strawberry vs. DJ Bacon.

2 DJ's pout and battle it out to see who will get to spin records first at the 2nd Annual International Strawberry& Bacon Festival - 2008

Based on a true story....written, directed and performed by SG Firefly (DJ Strawberry) in collaboration with Allison G. (DJ Bacon).

Infinite Opinions:

Tangles of Life Vignettes

5 Bay Area Performers Embody Hypothetical Characters in an interactive performance to celebrate the opening of SF's new Gray Area Gallery - 2006

Written, directed and performed by SG Firefly (The Tangled One)  in collaboration with the Infinite Opinions crew.


VSA's: A Group Exhibition

Just months after the fanfare opening of The Broad, DTLA's newest modern art museum, SG Firefly and her fellow Visitors Services Associates banded together to curate their first group show with 40 VSA's participating to organize, curate and show their work - January, 2016.


Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Play: Open Call 2016

August 18 to September 18, 2016

Stop by LAMAG for future shows

with emerging L.A. artists. Admission is free


This recycled fashion show exhibition was the perfect match for my latest sculpture: The Future Will Arrive at Mach 5. Upcycled from the de-comissioned Mach 5 PedalBump (Original by Kevin Bourque), this fashion inspired creature embodies the speed and grace of the original Mach 5 bumper car and gazes back on the present with future secrets in mind.  Many thanks to the amazing team at the Escondido Arts Partnership!


Escondido Municipal Art Gallery:

Recycled Runway Event

Escondido California

October, 2016.


BABY GODZILLA - Record Release Window Display for Mochipet and Daly City Records at OPEN MIND RECORDS.

San Francisco, CA. 2006

Baby Godzilla DJ's on top of the skyscrapers from SF to Tokyo and battle the DJ Bots and politicians out to ruin the party.

For the official Record Release party at 111 Minna Street Gallery, Baby Godzilla displayed a custom skateboard, mingled with the hipsters and crowd surfed to Mochipet.

My latest Recycled PedalBump Sculpture: Pay Attention! The Future Will Arrive at Mach 5! 2016. Los Angeles.

A Recycled PedalBump Sculpture: You Are Made of Stardust--but so is Trash... 2016. Los Angeles.